Cutter force and influence of elastic deformation of technological system of gear-hobbing machine on precision of radial-circumferential method of gear cutting

The relevance of the problem which is solved in this article has been substantiated. In modern machines and equipment, rotary motions which cannot be implemented without gear wheels and gear trains are always present. Attainment of high performance of a machine – increase in loading with simultaneous increase in speed, increase in transmitted forces and moments, decrease in noise during operation, ensuring high indexes of failure-free performance and longevity of a machine – depends on precision in manufacturing the gear wheels and gear trains.

Precision of digital leveling with additional movements of the rails

The investigation to assess the impact of change in position heel staffs on the accuracy of determining the excess on the station at digital leveling was performed. It is proved if the accuracy of determining the changes in position heel staffs substantially higher than accurate reading rod accuracy leveling does not change, so these changes can serve only to control the leveling on the station.