geodynamic research

State and prospects for development of geodynamic investigations in the Carpathians

Experience of geodynamic investigations in the Carpathian region is generalized. Analysis results of spatial-temporal peculiarities of the Earth's crust modern movements, seismic regime and variations of anomalous magnetic field are given Directions for further development of complex geodynamic investigations on "the Carpathian polygon are specified”.

Permanent GPS stations - the background for geodynamic studies and maintenance of geodetic coordinate systems

A new role of the permanent GPS stations in geodynamic research and geodetic networks creation is discussed. The present state of the permanent GPS stations in Central Europe is presented, as well as the list of planned permanent stations for work under IGS programs and support of the European reference system EUREF. A general description of the organization of the services of IGS and EUREF is given.

Geodynamics and seismicity of the Carpatho-Dinarid based on processing of GPS measurements and paleomagnetic data

Based on processing GPS-measurements and paleomagnetic data create previous working model of tectonic activity and seismic stresses in the Carpathian-Dinarides region due to the rotary process. Offered  trends of geodynamic research to predict seismic hazards.