On recovering the potential and its derivatives on the boundary of the area containing sources

In the work, the dual nature of the gravitational potential is investigated. It is proved, that the integral representation of the gravitational potential is a mirror reflection of the same images for the class of harmonic functions. The integrated equations, enabling to restore potential and it’s derivations on the boundary of sources-including areas was obtained.

Gravity and magnetic complex for oil and gas prospecting

Purpose. The aim of research is the search for oil and gas gravity magnetic prospecting in the Middle Kur depression Azerbaijan. Methodology. Methods of field work is to conduct a gravity magnetic observations along the rectilinear sections parallel placed on the study area in order to obtain correlated relationships between the respective fields. In this step of observation, mainly applied to 100 m, and the distance between the profiles - 500-700 m. Results.

The deep structure of Yevlakh-Agjabedi depression of Azerbaijan on the gravity-magnetometer investigations

Purpose. The aim of research is the question of calculating the depth of the crystalline basement, determine its structural position against the surface of the Mesozoic and the laws of the dimension distribution of volcanic rocks in the Yevlakh-Agjabedi trough Azerbaijan. Methodology. The technique is based on the use of these gravitational and magnetic, allowing the construction of the regression equation to calculate the depth of the foundation and construction of the spatial position of volcanic formations. Results.