Practice of magnetic surveys over hydrocarbon fields in Carpathian foredeep, Ukraine

The results of magnetic studies over hydrocarbons fields in the Outer zone of Carpathian Foredeep were studied. It was stated that upon oil and gas deposits are observed static and dynamic local anomalies connected with supervising tectonic displacements. The conclusion about genetic correlation between local anomalies and oil-and-gas content in the investigated deposits was done.

Multilayered inverse linear problem of structural gravimetry and magnetometry

In the absence of a priori information about the geological structure of study area the structural nonlinear inverse problem (IP) is incorrect and its solution is ambiguous and even physically nonsense or difficult to interpretation. Therefore it is possible to use a space-fixed multilayered model of linear IP with horizontal strata which are composed of quite a large number of blocks in the boxes form (400 to 2500) and to solve the linear IP relative to anomalous density (AD) or the intensity of magnetization (IM) of each block.