thermodynamic equilibrium

Entropy maximization method in thermodynamic modelling of organic matter evolution at geodynamic regime changing

Purpose. Our research main purpose is to demonstrate the use of entropy maximization method for calculating the geochemical system composition, which consist of solid and gaseous organic substances. Changing the geodynamic situation is the driving force of elements redistribution between compounds in such systems. According to thermodynamic apparatus the main factors influencing this redistribution are pressure, temperature and the initial number of elements.

Thermodynamic and hydrogeological conditions of forming the hydrocarbon deposits of the Pre-Black Sea aquiferous basin

Purpose. Finding the connection between the thermodynamic conditions of hydrocarbon mixtures synthesis and zones of oil and gas accumulation. Methodology. The thermodynamic eguilibrium depths of gas and gas-condensate deposits were fixed by the method of eguilibrium constants of independent reactions based on the chemical composition of hydrocarbons re-counted on chemical elements. The investigations of formation waters, natural gases and water-dissolved gases were based on the methods of chemical, elementary spectral, atomic absorption and gas chromatographic analysis. Results.