Identification of natural and technogenic seismic events by energy characteristics

One of the key problems of seismic monitoring is the identification of earthquakes and signals from technogenic sources detected by a network of seismic stations. In peacetime, technogenic events are mainly associated with industrial mining developments, however, with the beginning of russia's full-scale aggression against sovereign Ukraine, thousands of seismic signals from explosions as a result of missile, aircraft, artillery strikes were registered by the seismological network of the Main Center of Special Monitoring of the State Space Agency of Ukraine.

The influences of seismic processes, the Sun and the Moon on the small changes of coordinates of GNSS-stations

Aim. In order to improve the definition of GNSS-stations coordinate changes, it is important to find out how the processes that occur in the near-Earth space influence the significance of these changes. To describe such processes we can use the seismic activity index, the infrasound rate, and the number of daily flashes in the Sun. In this regard the purpose of this work is to study the influence of the above processes on small changes in the coordinates of GNSS-stations. Method.

Application of infrasonic and electromagnetic methods for monitoring of earthquakes of Vranchea region

In the article presented methods of the directed monitoring of acoustic background in an infrasound range by means of the area system of grouping of microbarographs, and also methods of the directed monitoring by the radiotechnical complex of radioroutes of VLF signals. The first results over of remote supervisions of seismoactivity Vranchea region are brought with the use of the considered methods, anomalous effects are distinguished in the looked after fields before earthquakes.

Using data of infrasound measurements in Ukraine for explosions and earthquakes identification

Purpose. The purpose of research is to determine the possibility of using of infrasound measurements that carried out in Ukraine for verification of registered seismic events and using of infrasound method as one of the criteria for their identification. Methodology. Registration of seismic and infrasonic signals carried out with using of geophysical networks of Main Center of Special Monitoring (MCSM). To register infrasound the small aperture acoustic group systems are used, allowing directional monitoring of events.