oil and gas bearing

Earth crust of eastern segment of Ukrainian Carpathians in the regional profile RP-5 zone: structure, geodynamics, oil and gas bearing

The purpose of the work is to present widely to the scientific community and analyze in detail the structure and oil and gas bearing of the Bukovyna lithosphere (the eastern part of the Carpathian region of Ukraine) based on the unique data on the regional RWМ-CDP profile RP-5 and on the neighboring regional profiles with the involvement of other geological and geophysical data.

Cyclicity, lithofacial features and sedimentary environments of eifelian deposits of Dobrudja foredeep

Purpose. Demonstration of the lithofacial structure and reconstruction of the sedimentation conditions of the Eifelian deposits of the Biloliskyy block of the Dobrudja foredeep in the aspect of the formation of productive horizons and the localization of perspective objects. Methods. The complex of lithological, paleo-oceanographic, lithophysica, and well logging explorations.

Selection of informative indicators for estimation of hydrocarbon potential of local objects in boryslav oil field

The indicators of geological structure and the local oil and gas bearing in the Boryslav oil field were studied and analyzed. Using the mathematical statistics (t-Student criterion), the extent of their influence on the nature of oil and gas structures was established. It was found out that the structural factor and the distance from the axis of the local structure to a deep fault determine the conclusion on the presence of oil and gas in the local objects of the oil field.