Physiological rehabilitation is applied in medical practice to restore a person's functional ability after musculoskeletal
injuries. Movements in the joints are the main functional indicator of the activity of the organs of support and movement.
The paper considers a resistive goniometric sensor in the form of a ball joint. Based on such a sensor, a medical rehabilitation
goniometric system is developed. It includes also a data collection device (autonomous data recorder) and a portable modem.

Тріщиностійкість та деформативність стиків залізобетонних збірно-монолітних прогонових будов мостів на криволінійних ділянках

Described results of experimental research of joints precast-monolithic elements of reinforced concrete solid stringer structure of bridge оn curve plot.

Reconstruction of cenozoic paleostress fields in the flysch complex of the Opir river valley (Skyba nappe, Ukrainian Carpathians)

Purpose. Reconstruction of paleostress fields, as evidence of many publications of different parts of the Carpathians, can carried out through research the most common brittle and semibrittle structure – joints, slickensides, faults, regional and local folds, or complex research of joints and slickensides. The purpose of this paper is to reconstruct the paleostress fields and deformation regimes of flysch deposits in Opir River Valley using complex analysis of joints and slickensides.