history of philosophy

Richard Rorty and the Expediency of History of Philosophy (Foreword to the Ukrainian translation of Richard Rorty’s article “The Historiography of Philosophy: Four Genres”)

     For readers of the journal, we propose the first Ukrainian translation of the article "Historiography of Philosophy: Four Genres" by the American postmodernist philosopher Richard Rorty, in which he considers possible strategies of historic-philosophical researches and their role in the development of philosophical thinking.

Origins and formation of atmosphere philosophical and legal views Dmitry Chyzhevsky

The article deals with the problemof the origin and the atmosphere of forming philosophical and legal perspectives of Ukrainian scholar D. Chyzhevsky, his views of the rational and the irrational, the development of the doctrine of the “philosophy of the heart”, reflections on the conditionality of the fate of a person or a nation by its character and historical circumstances. A great attention is paid to the creative atmosphere of the free western philosophical thought, which was the ground of becoming the philosophical views of the scientist.