spectral analysis

Application of wear-resistant coating by electrospark alloying method using an eutectic electrode material

Analysis of the literature database connected with the usage of an electro-spark alloying (ESA) for tool hardening has been carried out in the article.

Necessity of developing a new tungstenless electrode materials with eutectic structure for improvement of an electro-spark alloying technologies has been proved. Therefore, the structure of a new eutectic Fe-Mn-C-B-Si-Cr-Li alloy system has been developed and manufacturing techniques of an alloying by a sintering method has been offered.

The Earthquake in Kryvyi Rih 14-01-2011 as a local result of seismotectonic and man-caused processes

In the paper the results of the conducted analysis of records of the registered seismic event which was take place 2011.01.14 in Kryvyi Rig and arguments in favour of determine this event as earthquake are presented.

The long-term time-series prediction of the debris flow activity in Carpathian mountains' hydrogeologic region territory

Analysis of the debris flow formation factors which cause the long-term activity of debris flows is made. The methodology of the debris flows prediction subject to meteorological, hydrological, seismic, heliophysical factors is proposed. The regularities of long-term seasonality of these factors by using autocorrelation and spectral analysis are revealed. The integral rate of probability of debris flow intensification is calculated. The time series of this integral rate is extrapolated and the following peak of debris flows activation is predicted.

Calculation of the dynamic response of reinforced concrete structures subjected to the ffects of heavy transport

A 3D model of a reinforced concrete building was created using a dynamic analysis which focused on the spectral response of the object represented by a random excitation experiment found in records in the form of load spectra.