Legal restrictions are a specific method of legal regulation

Abstract. The analysis of scientific sources provides grounds to assert that legal regulation is the regulation of social relations carried out through law and the entire set of legal means. The concept of "regulation" (from Latin regulo - rule) implies organization, adjustment, and bringing something into conformity with something else. In our view, to regulate means to define the behavior of individuals and their collectives, to direct their functioning and development, to provide certain limits, and to organize them purposefully.

Prohibition as a method of legal regulation during the coronavirus pandemic in Ukraine

Abstract. The spread of a new type of coronavirus infection, COVID-19, is no longer an emergency of international concern. This decision was adopted by the World Health Organization on May 5. The epidemic of coronavirus infection, which began at the end of 2019 in China, was declared by WHO in January 2020 as an emergency situation of international importance in the field of health care. After the epidemic spread to other countries, it was declared a pandemic in March 2020. Many countries resorted to unprecedented quarantine measures, which affected the world economy and people's lives.

Typical syntactic constructions of European standards and their translation into Ukrainian

The article develops the previous author’s studies of syntactic constructions in special texts. Based on definitions in the latest International Standard ISO 5127:2017, peculiarities of language for special purposes in comparison with language for general purposes and the related distinction of criteria applied for assessing linguistic phenomena are shown. Ukrainian equivalents of the typical syntactic constructions expressing requirement, prohibition, recommendation, permission, possibility and capability in English- and German-language standards are proposed.

On the prohibitions and restrictions in the administrative law

The article deals with the issues regarding the knowledge and observance of the requirements of prohibitions and restrictions, fixed by the rules of administrative law, that is relevant and interesting for both scientists and practitioners.Administrative prohibitions and restrictions are often identified with the administrative coercive measures,which does not correlate with the purpose and objectives of prohibitions and restrictions.Attention is drawn to the role and significance of legality when implementing administrative prohibitions and restrictions.

Legal regulation of production and circulation of alcohol in Ukraine during the krainian war for independence (1917–1921)

The policy of governments of First UPR (Central Rada and its Council of People’s Ministers), Ukrainian State (The Hetmanate), Second UPR (Directorate), West Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Soviet governments of Ukraine concerning the alcohol market by means of state and law is considered.