The Institutional Essence of the State in the Worldwide Political Thought

In the article the view on the institutional essence of the state in the context of the dialectic of its relationship with society in the main ideological and political directions of world political opinion – liberalism, conservatism, nationalism, and socialism is investigated.

System-structured, comparative and historical methods of research were used here.

Conceptualization of “man – state” relations in liberalism

The study is devoted to the complex analysis of ideology, dynamics of civilization construction methodology, both in retrospect and in the future. On the basis of extensive materials from many fields of knowledge – from history of philosophy and political science to jurisprudence, physics, medicine and theology – the work presents critical analysis of Marxist-Communist and liberal-bourgeois strategy of globalization process, blames mondializm and justifies the idea of cluster-harmonious communism, which is an optimal civilizational perspective of modern society.

Vyacheslav Lipinsky, as the ideologist of the ukrainian conservatism

The article is devoted to the question concerning the analysis of contemporary political and legal views, ideological and theoretical scientific heritage by V.Lypynsky and his proposal to draft a sovereign and democratic Ukraine. Special attention is given for using of conservative ideology to build Ukrainian democratic, legal, prosperous European state.