The role of the Ukrainian Economic Academy in Podebrady (Czech Republic) for development of Ukrainian forestry terminology

In the article considered the role of the Commission Terminology at the Ukrainian economic Academy in Podebrady (Czech Republic) to form the Ukrainian forestry terminology in 20tieth of the twentieth century. In the article analyzed the terms denoting concepts forestry recorded the “Forestry dictionary. German-Ukrainian” (1928), made their lexical and semantic analysis.

Synonymy and variants in the Ukrainian forestry terminology system

The article traces the phenomena of synonymy and variants in the Ukrainian forestry terminology, reveals the specificity of the terms and the terms variants presentation in “The Russian-Ukrainian dictionary of forestry terms” (1980), distinguishes between synonymous terms and term variants, presents the synonymic rows according to lexico-grammatical, phonetical, word-formative peculiarities, analyzes the synonymic terms and term-variants in the field of forestry.

Mathematical and software aspects of modelling age structure of development of two types of forest

Simulation is carried out by numerical analysis of the dynamic system equations by the Runge-Kutta method. Consistently described the construction of a model that takes into account both interspecies competitionand ranks of other factors: light, water-logging, age structure, rainfall, external influences. The results of simulation obtained on the created software. The possibilities of using the created model local level to ensure the development of an information and decision support in forest management.