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Research of Ways to Develop Ukrainian and Polish Cooperation in the Field of Coordination of Industrial Enterprises

The article examines the ways of developing Ukrainian-Polish cooperation in the field of coordination of industrial enterprises. The authors of the article note that Ukraine and Poland have significant potential for the development of cooperation in the field of industry. Both countries have a developed industrial base, which is represented by enterprises of various profiles and scales. In addition, Ukraine and Poland have a well-established system of transport and logistics infrastructure, which allows for effective production cooperation and trade operations.

Determination of internal motivation for stimulating innovation activity of enterprises employees

The meaning of motivation for the development of innovation activity of enterprise is outlined. The essence of the category of internal motivation, as one of the elements of motivational model at the enterprises is researched. In order to improve the administrative processes of the enterprise in the field of innovation activity, the approaches to determine the level of internal motivation of employees of the enterprise are recommended.

The Efect of Globalization Factors on the Selection of Management Technologies

The influence of globalization trends on the choice of management technologies with the consideration of both objective factors of global progress and subjective obstacles and determinants of modern development at domestic industrial enterprises is researched. Emphasis was placed on the activities of enterprises of the oil and gas complex. The modern management technologies are analyzed, which allow to solve modern problems and are based on modern achievements of management science.

Conceptual of open-closed model of innovation intellectual part

The general situation and the main trends of changing the innovation process organization models are considered in the article. A retrospective review of models of the innovation process revealed the shortcomings of the existing models. First, in all the models there is no focus on the intellectual component of innovation. This deficiency is a common characteristic not only for Ukrainian companies.

The ways of object-oriented program management approach implementation in industrial enterprises activity

The article identifies a number of characteristic features notified by domestic and western scientists as inherent for object-oriented program management approach at enterprises. Based on the research of machine building enterprises in Lviv region there are determined the basic tasks for this approach implementation. There has been made an attempt to develop ways of the object-oriented program management approach implementation at industrial enterprises according to their level of competitiveness, strategic priorities, investment options and employees’ professionalism.

Modernization of industrial enterprises as the important prerequisite of their transition to the innovative development

It is shown  that modernization of the economy of Ukraine, its sectors  and enterprises presents quite a number of problem issues. Their solution requires improvement of organizing the process of managing productive, innovative and HR activities at all levels of the hierarchy: national economy, industry, region, enterprise. These activities must have a clear purpose and have to  be  accompanied  by  realization  of  system  measures  of  organizational,  technical  and economic character.