decision support systems

Analysis of the State of Territorial Communities to Model Their Socio-Economic Development

The problems of development of united territorial communities, in particular unemployment and economic problems, are considered. Communities, in most cases, lack the resources to address economic and other issues. Therefore, it is necessary to create self-sufficient communities in which there are enough financial instruments for their own development. The mathematical model of the decision support system for the development of territorial communities using the agro-industrial sector was considered.

Intellectual System “Mobile Information Assistant of the Tourist”: Functional and Technological Features

The main objective of the article is to present general description and statement of purpose, content, functional and technological features of software and algorithmic complex that implements the concept of intelligent system “Mobile tourist information assistant”, developed by scientists from the National University “Lviv Polytechnic”. In the work the basic problem situations that arise in the process of creating intellectual information system of this class and methods and ways to overcome them are presented and analyzed.

Information technology in tourism. analysis of applications and research results

The article has the form of an analytical review of new information technologies in tourism. The author presents the most important characteristics of the research made by leading specialists in e-tourism industry. The analysis of the impact of research works is made and a number of urgent problems in IT-oriented tourism sector are found.