innovative process

Substantiation of the model of innovation activities of the system of public authorities: conceptual bases

Using methodological provision for rational decision-making technology, systems and systems activity approaches, the structure of the innovative activity aimed at updating the effectiveness of the system of public authorities is grounded. Besides, this type of activity is presented as an open system combining the set of internal and external components: the first ones are formed by interacted innovation activities of system-wide, functional and instrumental levels; the second ones include resources, opportunities and favorable preconditions as well as basic types and means of maintenance.

Conceptual of open-closed model of innovation intellectual part

The general situation and the main trends of changing the innovation process organization models are considered in the article. A retrospective review of models of the innovation process revealed the shortcomings of the existing models. First, in all the models there is no focus on the intellectual component of innovation. This deficiency is a common characteristic not only for Ukrainian companies.