Crowdfunding: prospects of implementation and legal regulation in Ukraine

The article is devoted to the issues of legal regulation of crowdfunding in Ukraine and the importance of this institution for the improvement of social and economic processes in our country.

The authors define the concept of "crowdfunding", analyze the history of its emergence as a phenomenon, as well as the prospects for the implementation and regulatory regulation of this institution.

Marketing communications as a necessary prerequisite for efficient work of a philharmony

The purpose of the article is to summarize the peculiarities of marketing communications in the field of culture and arts and philharmonic in particular, to consider the financial component of the activities of the philharmonic and to propose measures for its improvement. Analyze modern creative means and tools of communication marketing and adapt them for activities of philharmonic. The article investigates that organizations of the sphere of culture and arts and philharmonic society, in particular, operate in conditions of instability, great competition and uncertainty.

Characteristic peculiarities of main crowdfunding websites

The purpose of this article is to formulate the description of crowdfunding as an alternative financial instrument and to systematize the information about international experience of crowdfunding operations in order to provide the necessary information base for further detailed researches. The practical significance of the research is to develop recommendations for using the crowdfunding models of funds accumulation for small business and entrepreneurship in Ukraine.

Existence of middle class as a prerequisite of crowdfunding development

In current article, authors reveal the concept of the middle class and its role in the implementation and development of crowdfunding. The article aims to prove that the middle class is the social basis for the development of crowdfunding. The challenge lies in the definition of "middle class" and its elements and analysis of social society structure.