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Methods of Semantic Analysis in Annotated Generalization of Text Documents

The article is devoted to the use of semantic analysis in the generalization of text documents. The analysis of features of the most widespread methods of generalization of text documents and an estimation of quality of results of an estimation is carried out. Features of the improved method of annotative generalization of text documents, which uses the principles of hidden semantic analysis and elements of fuzzy logic to identify semantically important sentences, are presented.

Метод видобування знань з текстових документів

In the paper a method an algorithm and tools for selection of knowledge from a text document are suggested. It is shown that this algorithm has to be multistage and involve hierarchical procedure of concepts recognition of relations, predicates and rules which are introduced into the resulting ontology.

Проблема автоматизованої розбудови базової онтології

In the paper the method of the automatic development of ontology has been developed. A method, algorithm and means for selection of knowledge from the text document is proposed. It is shown that this algorithm has to be multistage and involve hierarchical recognition procedure of concepts, relations, predicates and rules which are included into the resulting ontology.