environmental management

Using a fuzzy impact assessment for the environment quality evaluation

The aim of the research is to develop fuzzy impact models of the natural and anthropogenic influence, which allows to integrate different physical factors, which makes it possible to bring them to a single environmental assessment system and comparison of different assessed areas. Methodology. The basis of the proposed modeling is a traditional approach on the development of such models, which includes conceptual, logical and physical modeling levels.

Environmental management system and audit at: information aspects

The article outlines the main areas of interrelated and interdependent environmental
performance of the enterprise, which form the structure of management - environmental
management and auditing company. Established that multi-business enterprise can not at this
stage to formulate a systematic approach to its implementation without adequate system of
ecologically based management. Determined that the environmental activities of the company
and the environment - the only problem is its comprehensive sustainable development. The

Corporate social responsibility towards he environment – the involvement of polish enterprises in the implementation of the idea of csr

One of the desirable features that helps to succeed today, is to be a socially responsible
company. CSR is a concept of enterprise management, which consists of a conscious,
sustainable action oriented not only on financial profit and economic aspects, but also takes
into account the needs and requirements of social and environmental matters connected with
the company's environment. CSR covers a wide variety of stakeholder relations existing inside
and outside of the company’s operation. The main area of corporate social responsibility is the