Principles of building and implementation of the system manager of postponed programs launch

The article examines how to plan the launch of various programs on a personal computer. The main problems with the work of large teams among IT specialists, and the general difficulties in delaying the launch of the necessary programs are considered.

New informatics technoligies for persons with disabilities

Computers in recent years become an integral part of our lives. The main reason for such a large development of computer and Internet is the access to a huge amount of information that can be found through them. Unfortunately, people with disabilities cannot fully enjoy the benefits offered by computers and the Internet, due to the lack of adaptation to its software.

Corporate social responsibility towards he environment – the involvement of polish enterprises in the implementation of the idea of csr

One of the desirable features that helps to succeed today, is to be a socially responsible
company. CSR is a concept of enterprise management, which consists of a conscious,
sustainable action oriented not only on financial profit and economic aspects, but also takes
into account the needs and requirements of social and environmental matters connected with
the company's environment. CSR covers a wide variety of stakeholder relations existing inside
and outside of the company’s operation. The main area of corporate social responsibility is the