public finance

Public control as an effective mechanism for prevention of corruption in public procurement

Problem setting. One of the main prerequisites for the detection of corruption offenses and the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures is active citizens who are interested in overcoming this phenomenon. An active, influential and developed civil society is an important element of any democratic state. Such civil society plays a key role in implementation of urgent social changes, development and realization of effective public policies in various spheres, solving political, socio-economic and humanitarian problems.

Public legal activities of the state in the financial and investment sector

The analysis declared in article revealed issues that the world economic recession caused
by the global financial crisis, the role of public investment as one of the universally in all
industrialized countries instrument macroeconomic governance processes that help to reduce and neutralize the crisis in economics. Showing that an important role in the implementation
of the tasks given to finance, as investment activity of the state is one of the important areas of
financial regulation. Updated identify economic and legal nature, essence, meaning and role of

Economic security: the influence of account support of public finance management

The place of economic security in the structure of national security is analyzed. Its 
internal structure is analyzed in the article. The influence of accounting as an information 
providing of management of public finances to financial security as a part of economic 
security. The list of indicators of fiscal security is presented. The author proved that 
information support of public finance management has an indirect impact on each of these 
indicators. The directions of modernization of public finance and accounting systems are