conflict management

Relationship Between Conflict Management Strategies and Economic Growth of Organisation

Conflicts are considered to be the most unpredictable issues in organisations. It is mainly associated with the opposing of ideas and actions which results in causing a hostile state among the members that affects the performance of the organization. Hence, it is imperative for the organization to develop conflict management strategies for avoiding conflicts that can support in its growth. The aim of the following study is to evaluate the relationship between the conflict management strategies and economic growth of the organisation.

Управління конфліктами на основі розуміння цілей учасників колективного проектування

This paper is devoted to the research and analysis of design conflicts that appear in collaborative desing due to various technical and organizational factors. The dynamical conflict detection model is proposed.

Formation of strategy solution of management conflicts in the mashine-building enterprises

On the main structures identified conflict management, that is, its components, relationships between elements, causes, factors and implications, as well as the main assessment and forecast models of conflict in organizations need to form a common vector of conflict management, which is called strategy.