The main tools of internet marketing in public administration in the conditions of global digitalization

Formulation of the problem. The year 2020 convinced the whole world that the Internet is one of the best channels for transmitting information, selling goods and providing services, because thanks to its use, a certain part of businesses avoided bankruptcy, and some companies were able to increase sales and, most importantly, meet the needs of almost all spheres of life in society in crisis conditions.

Methodology of economic and mathematical assessment formation of holding structures activities

The author’s definition of “a holding structure” is proposed in the article. A number of factors that make up the prerequisites for integration processes in the business of the holding union type are analyzed. The mechanism of economic and mathematical evaluation of the holding companies is investigated through introduction of the expediency assessment coefficient of economic restructuring of holding structure subsidiaries, the profitability ratio of a holding structure in the process of its formation, and the current profitability factor of  a holding structure during follow-up.