wind turbine

Efficiency of Modern Wind Turbines in Real Conditions

One of the problems of wind energy is determined insufficient information available about the effectiveness of wind farms in the real life conditions, due in particular to commercial issues of use. On the one hand it is associated with the wind loads in effective areas, on the other - lasting licensed wind parameters measurement with difficult access conditions. The paper estimates the economic efficiency of wind farm generators of different capacities.

Mathematical model and calculation method of inertial and stiffness parameters mechanism assembly blades of horizontal axis wind turbines

The simplified kinematics scheme of the mechanism of assembling a bladed horizontal-axis wind turbine with centrifugal weights is built. On the basis of Lagrange second order differential equations, the mathematical model of wind turbine aeromechanical system is developed and the computational technique of inertial and stiff parameters of the mechanism of blades folding is proposed.