time constant

Design of Optimal Filter for Analog Signal

The technique for designing the optimal value of the filter time constant for analog signal is presented in the paper. This technique is based on the objective function which takes into account the quality index of the filtration process and the dynamic error of the filtered signal. The experimental study of the transient processes in a thermal plant was carried out in order to analyze the influence of the filter parameters on the quality of the filtration process.

Gas Dynamical Capillary Flowmeters of Small and Micro Flowrates of Gases

The possibility of application of glass capillary tubes (CTs) as sensors of small and micro flowrates of gases was justified. The accuracy of a number of CTs flowrate equations was analyzed on the basis of experimental studies of CTs flowrate characteristics. It was shown that CTs can be applied as primary devices of small and micro flowrates of gases without individual calibration.