natural frequency

Justification of the rational length of the long-acting working body of the vibration transporting device

The article deduces an analytical dependence that establishes for a long vibration vehicle a rational length of a working body, as a body with a distributed mass, since it is impossible to match its own frequency of oscillations with the forced.

Identification of ways to further improve of highly effective interresonance oscillatory systems

The article substantiates the possibility of further improvement of highly effective interreonance oscillatory systems. To do this, it is proposed to apply a discrete-continuum oscillation system in which a third ultra-light mass is used as a body with distributed parameters (ultra-light weight).

Optimization of the structures by the static strength and the frequency characteristics

Problems of determination of optimal geometric and constructive parameters of long-length structures are presented. For example, a longitudinal profile of a complicated section is adopted, its components of the stress state and its own oscillation frequencies are determined. The choice of optimal profile parameters is made for the implementation of structures with minimum equivalent stresses, as well as for ensuring maximum dynamic stiffness.

Wave processes in the locally nonhomogeneous solids

There is proposed a method of studying wave processes in locally nonhomogeneous solids with account for geometrically non-uniform surface. The method is based on the equation system of the locally nonhomogeneous elastic solid model obtained within the local gradient approach and the use of averaging operation to separate oscillatory and slowly variable over period of oscillation components of displacement and density fields.