Image Searching System

: cc. 161 - 168
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Національний університет «Львівська політехніка», кафедра систем автоматизованого проектування

Finding similar images on a visual sample is a difficult AI task, to solve which many works are devoted. The problem is to determine the essential properties of images of low and higher semantic level. Based on them, a vector of features is built, which will be used in the future to compare pairs of images. Each pair always includes an image from the collection and a sample image that the user is looking for. The result of the comparison is a quantity called the visual relativity of the images. Image properties are called features and are evaluated by calculation algorithms. Image features can be divided into low-level and high-level. Low-level features include basic colors, textures, shapes, significant elements of the whole image. These features are used as part of more complex recognition tasks. The main progress is in the definition of high-level features, which is associated with understanding the content of images.

In this paper, research of modern algorithms is done for finding similar images in large multimedia databases. The main problems of determining high-level image features, algorithms of overcoming them and application of effective algorithms are described. The algorithms used to quickly determine the semantic content and improve the search accuracy of similar images are presented.

The aim: The purpose of work is to conduct comparative analysis of modern image retrieval algorithms and retrieve its weakness and strength.

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