adhesive strength

The influence of metal oxide powders on the physical and mechanical properties of epoxy composites for the protection of constructions made of aluminum alloys

Protection of designs of vehicles made of aluminum alloys is an urgent application problem because these alloys are being extensively destroyed under the influence of aggressive environments, climatic factors, cyclic changes of temperature, the influence of the flow of abrasive particles. The protective coating increases significantly duration of operation of the construction and reduce the number of overhaul operations associated with restoring the surface of the product.

Protective coatings based filled with polimetylfenilsyloksan to increase corrosion resistance of concrete

The article describes the effects of surface treatment of concrete protective coatings filled of polimetylfynilsyloksan based on its corrosion resistance. The influence of the coating on the adhesive strength, hydrophobicity and water absorption of concrete. The possibility of using the developed formulations of protective coatings to improve durability of concrete is showed, which is operated under conditions of external aggressive factors.

Оцінка ефективності дії захисного покриття на корозійну стійкість бетону

The thesis is devoted to the development of theoretical bases of the corrosion resistance of concrete by protective coatings on the base of polymethylphenylsiloxane filled with aluminum and zinc oxides. The technological properties of protective coatings compositions were investigated by methods of physical and chemical analysis, methods of the concrete surface coating and form conditions were shown. Determined that the forming matric-oxide structure covering in the process of hardening passpasses behind counting polymerization polymethylphenylsiloxane.

Ефективність впливу захисного покриття на експлуатаційні властивості бетону

The article is devoted to development of theoretical foundations of improving corrosion resistance of concrete protective coatings based on filled with aluminum and zinc oxides polimetylfenilseloksanu. Methods of mathematical experiment planning with regard to water absorption depending on the concrete and coating adhesion strength optimum component of the original compositions for protective coatings, determined their technological and physical and mechanical properties, the thickness of the coating, application methods and the surface of the concrete conditions of the studied.

Effect of Hydroxyapatite on the Glue Line Strength of the Compositions Containing Polyvinylpirrolidone

The influence of nature and mineral filler amount on adhesive ability of composite materials based on 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate and polyvinylpyrrolidone modified by the low-molecular additives has been determined. The hydroxyapatite effect on the value of adhesive strength of the glued seam composites has been researched.