aqueous solution

Association of Thymolsulfonephthalein and Cresolsulfonephthalein Anions with Cationic Cyanines in Aqueous Solution

The formation of associates between one- or two-charged anions of sulfonephthalein dyes – thymolsulfonephthalein, cresolsulfonephthalein – and cyanine cations (pinacyanol, quinaldine red) has been considered in aqueous solution. Equilibrium association constants have been determined using spectrophotometric data. By semiempirical methods the enthalpy of formation and the eventual structure of ions and associates have been established.

Association of Complex Ferrumcyanide Anions with Pinacyanol Cation in Aqueous Solution

The possibility of associates formation between complex ferrumcyanide anions [Fe(CN)6]3–, [Fe(CN)6]4– and cationic polymethine dye pinacyanol in aqueous solution has been investigated. Energetic characteristics and the structures of associates were determined and the influence of ionic surfactants on the associates has been considered.