degenerate dwarf

The influence of the axial rotation on the degenerate dwarfs characteristics

The influence of the axial rotation on degenerate dwarfs characteristics is calculated within the three- and four parametric model.  It was shown that the relative increase of dwarf's mass is about 5%.  Therefore the maximal mass in standard model with paramagnetic electron subsystem reaches $1.52M_\odot$, and in the model with spin-polarized electron subsystem is $2.15M_\odot$.  The dependence of the dwarf's shape was found as a function of the model parameters (the density in the stellar center,  the chemical composition parameter,  the rotation frequency and the degree of polarization).

Interparticle interactions, general relativity effects, and critical parameters of white dwarfs

Two methods of mass calculation of degenerate dwarfs were considered: based on (1) hydrostatic equilibrium equation as well as (2) variational principle. In this work we used model with ideal electron subsystem and one with Coulomb interaction. An instability region of massive white dwarfs was explored. For the first time, taking into account the Coulomb interaction, there were obtained critical values of mass and relativistic parameter at wich instability due to general relativity effects occured.