density of states

Electron spectrum of intercalated stage ordered layered structures: Periodic Anderson model approach

Influence of intercalation on the electronic band structure of the layered nanohybrid compound of the GaSe-type with a stage ordering (three layers in the packet in the considered case) is studied in the modified version of the periodic Anderson model. Density of electron states for the intercalated system is calculated both in the impurity single-level approximation and the one with the level smearing out (of the Lorentzian-type) due to local electron correlations.

A study of vibrational dynamics of poly (a-n-butyl-b-l-aspartate) (panbla)

Poly(-N-butyl--L-aspartate) (PANBLA) is nylon-3 derivative in which an alcoxycarbonyl group has been stereoregularly attached to -carbon of the repeating unit. Like poly(-isobutyl--L-aspartate) (PAIBLA) exists in two helical forms, namely hexagonal form (13/4 helix) and tetragonal form (4/1 helix), were characterized by X-ray diffraction. The hexagonal form appears to be poorly crystalline and it could not be obtained well oriented. On the other hand tetragonal form turns to be highly crystalline.