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Effect of sulphur compounds on cultivation process of microalgae chlorella vulgaris

The article deals with the investigation of the influence of sulfur compounds concentration on the cultivation of microalgae Chlorella vulgaris for the purpose of future use of flue gases as a nutrient source. The alteration of culture medium pH and microalgae biomass production under simultaneous injection of CO2 and H2SO4 or Na2SO3 are studied. It is shown that the enhancement of sulphur concentration to 0.44 g/L by using Na2SO3 increases the biomass growth by 15 percent and does not cause deviations from the optimal pH range.

Investigation of indoor air quality and its impact on human activity - case study

This paper presents the partial results of human presence impact on indoor air quality in a monitored office room. Indoor air temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide concentration are recorded in the investigated room during the operation. Simultaneously, the heartbeat (pulse) and blood pressure of respondents are determined. During the measurements, the investigated room was occupied only by one person. These measurements were repeated several times. Respondents were of different sex, different weight and different age.

Monitoring of indoor air in the apartment

Apartment occupants have a major impact on indoor air quality. Indoor air pollution includes water vapour, carbon dioxide and other gases due to respiration and bodily odours. Negative impact they have from brought in by clothing and footwear or becomes whirled up from floors, carpets etc. In this article presents the experimental measurement of indoor air quality, mainly concentration of carbon dioxide, air temperature and relative humidity. Indoor air parameters are recorded during 24 hour per every day the all week.

Determination of the volume air exchange in the apartment

Currently in the building industry is trend to build buildings consuming little energy. For the aim reducing heat loss buildings they are building insulated and also air tightness of buildings increases.. By improving the air tightness of buildings, there is a change of indoor air quality in buildings. Without natural or mechanical of ventilation there is a significant deterioration of indoor air quality. For the raising of quality indoor air is optimal system with demand-controlled ventilation using sensing of carbon dioxide.

Надкритична флюїдна екстракція рослинних матеріалів

Приведені основні положення і умови екстракції органічних матеріалів розчинниками в надкритичному стані. Особливу увагу акцентовано на використанні СО2 як екстрагента. Описані переваги і недоліки процесу. Розглянуто приклади екстракції органічних матеріалів з використанням надкритичного СО2.