energy conservation


Energy conservation is becoming increasingly more relevant for Ukraine and the world, and architectural education must meet one of the most significant challenges of our time. The article analyzes the existing laws and regulations of our country and points out to the lack of a number of national standards necessary for architectural design. It focuses on the problems of real design and ways to solve them within the framework of architectural training.

Оптимальні форми та ізоляція ємнісних акумуляторів теплоти систем теплопостачання

In this article the results of research of tank of accumulator are resulted as capacity heat exchangers. Offered capacities of tanks of accumulators with the different forms of bottoms, their sizes are found. Deductible thickness of the insulation of accumulator with optimum conditions. Time of cooling of accumulator is found.

Scheme for promoting industrial energy efficiency – pine project results

This paper investigates the main factors influencing an energy auditing procedure, leading to the adoption of energy efficiency measures by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), providing suggestions both for enterprises and energy policy makers. Our analysis is based on a sample of 280 SMEs from 7 European countries which participated in an international project (PInE) devoted to industrial energy efficiency.