information law

Impact of information law reform process in public relations in Ukraine

The article examines the impact of information law in the process of reform of social relations in Ukraine in connection with the association Ukraine and the European Union. We analyze the legal framework regulating the right of information and communication technologies in the context of adaptation of national legislation with EU requirements. The comparative analysis of the impact of the legal basis of information law in the process of reforming society.

Information space in the context of information law

In the article the information space in the context of information law. Analyzed legal
acts regulating legal relations in the field of information technology, information systems,
information and telecommunication systems and networks, information, personal data,
electronic documents, electronic signature, e-government, information security, protection of
information in telecommunication systems

Some aspects of the control of the virtual environment in Ukraine

The article raises questions of improvement of administrative regulation control virtual space in Ukraine in the context of the experience of the EU countries and ways of enhancing the effectiveness of the authorities in this area. The features of virtual space in a legal context, principles, objectives, methods and forms of control of virtual space, the subjects of the control activity.