machine-building enterprises

Estimation of activity and analysis of inconvertible assets of machine-building enterprises

In the modern terms of menage an engineer is basis of economy of any state and playsa
decision role creation of materially-technological base of economy. Producing capital goods for
different industries of national economy, engineer provides complex mechanization and
computer-aided manufacturing for different industries of national economy, engineer provides
complex mechanization and computer-aided manufacturing, carrying out an important role
the same in the acceleration of scientific and technical progress.

Operation and Modernisation of Fixed Assets at Machine-Building Enterprises

The article presents the research into the issues of operation and modernisation of fixed assets that is of particular importance in conditions of investment development by machine-building enter¬prises at the modern stage of the economic development of Ukraine. Investments targeting particular facilities (buildings, transportation means, and equipment) stress the relations between investments and fixed assets. Modernisation seen as improvement of functional features of equipment, taking into account the stimulating factors, helps increase the production quality indicators

Formation of strategy solution of management conflicts in the mashine-building enterprises

On the main structures identified conflict management, that is, its components, relationships between elements, causes, factors and implications, as well as the main assessment and forecast models of conflict in organizations need to form a common vector of conflict management, which is called strategy.

The methodical and applied bases of anticipatory management analysing at the machine-building enterprises

The actuality of the research is caused by the lack of progressive management
mechanisms (including anticipatory management) at the domestic machine-building
enterprises, which are in the difficult crisis positions at present. It is founded that today
practically there are no scientific developments on the implementation and use of anticipatory
management at the machine-building enterprises.
The purpose of the research is to develop the methodical and applied regulations of

Analyzing the status and trends of development ofmachine-building enterprises in Ukraine

Machine-building in the domestic economy took the lead, as it focused significant
technical, scientific and innovative potential. Development of machine building promotes the
development of other related industries, allowing you to create a closed loop production in
Ukraine. Analysis of companies to determine the reasons for slowing the development,
availability and status of resources, the volume of export-import operations, financial and
investment processes. Based on the results of machine-building enterprises can make effective