natural law

Human rights and freedoms in the philosophy of law Ukrainian populists: origin and formation

The article investigates the features of formation of the populist philosophy of law and the philosophical and legal ideas in Ukraine. The article analyzes the development of philosophical thought in the context of European philosophical and legal culture and the roots of its own formation. The basic ideas of the relationship between the position of human rights with notions of
power and state in philosophical and legal concepts Ukrainian populists, their views on natural law.

The genesis of the ukrainian polemical flow and its importance for the formation of the philosophical-legal concepts

The article analyzes the historical conditions of the polemical current formation. The causes of the Brest Union adoption and its consequences for the Ukrainian society at the end of XVI – the beginning of the XVII century are analysed. It analyses the impact of the polemical struggle on the formation of the philosophical and legal ideas in Ukraine.

The national liberation ideas in the philosophical and legal views of polemicists

The understanding of the formation of philosophical and legal views in Ukraine in
historical context becomes especially important in the development of Ukraine as a rule-of-law
state under present day conditions. The article analyzes the philosophical and legal ideas of the
national liberation, which are reflected in the polemical literature of the late XVI – early XVII

Phenomenological content features folk law

The article covers phenomenological content of folk law’s functions. Folk-legal norms represent that part of folk law’s regulating functions, that represent not only power lever of regulation of society’s life, but also factors that have universal values and based on morallylegal area of folklore and nation ’s customs. In order to recognize legal behaviour of population of particular territorial unit or ethnic group of multinational region or even some small nation, it is necessary to investigate another sources of local folklore.