Masking is the Effective Alternative to the Separation during Osmium Determination by Means of Azo Dyes in Complex Samples

The selectivity of the spectrophotometric methods for determination of microgram quantities of osmium (IV) with acidic monoazo dyes Tropaeolin O (TpO) and Tropaeolin OOO-I (TpOOOI) in the presence of concomitant metals, particularly platinum group, heavy and rare earths (RE) has been studied. The tolerance ratios of interfering elements have been established. The selectivity of the interaction of TpOOOI with osmium (IV) relatively to platinum group elements (PGEs) is much better than TpO.

Peculiarities of Osmium Compounds Interaction with Some Flavonoids

The interaction of Os(IV) ions with morin, quercetin, luteolin has been investigated and the spectrophotometric methods of osmium determination using these reagents have been elaborated. The influence of various factors and the maximum yield of the products of Os(IV) ions interaction with flavonoids have been determined.