supply chain

Determinants of production in the supply chain of daily demand

Key processes in the supply chain (SC) and outlined the main determinants of the supply chain of products daily demand were identified in the article. The impact on the choice of enterprise-leader of supply chain configuration and type of bonds that are formed between members of SC and that characterize relationships between them were estimated.

The supply chain and the added value formation on the basis of customer-centric approach

The conceptual approaches for an added value handling are considered in the article. The essence of the added value formation process inside a supply chain aimed at customers’ demand is presented. The essence of the added value migration process inside a supply chain is introduced. The expediency of permanent increase of a supply chain functioning efficiency in order to supply a higher added value to customer is substantiated. The practical aspect of the research implementation is presented.

Implementation of marketing concepts into supply chain management

The integration of strategic marketing approaches, particularly, in the sales unit of the supply chain, into other functional areas such as logistics and financе, in order to minimize target conflicts and achieve competitive advantages is substantiated in the article. The use of marketing – logistics approach to supply chain management is actualized. A critical review of modern marketing concepts is presented.