supply chains

The Dependence of China Belt and Road Initiative Efficiency to the Level of Logistics Infrastructure Development

The article analyzes the peculiarities of the impact of logistics infrastructure on the effectiveness of project implementation. The role of LPI as an indicator of infrastructure development, investment opportunities and its peculiarities are highlighted. The regional peculiarity of logistics development with the help of LPI is outlined. Abilities for Belt and Road initiative where analyzed and emphasized the status of logistics practice in the Asian countries, which are involved into the project.

Flexibility as the source of supply chain competitive advantage

The article describes the competition reorientation for markets among individual business entities on competition between supply chains. The supply chains as open dynamic economic systems are considered. The evolution stages of key sources of competitive advantages formation and their meaning are revealed in the article. The areticle also includes the description of the main sources of supply chains competitiveness in contemporary market conditions. The influence of the time factor on the adaptability of production systems and supply chains flexibility is proved.