The basic principles of the sustainable development strategy in the cement industry. The example of JSC “Ivano-Frankivsk Cement” shows that the production of special eco-cement provides the implementation of progressive models of rational use of natural raw materials, fuel, electric energy with the minimal СO2 emissions in the cement industry. Also it allows the implementation of the practice of clean production. The comparison of the efficiency during the preparing of building mortar based on Portland cements and low-energy cements was conducted. It is shown that a synergistic combination of mineral additives with substantial reduction of high energy-consumption clinker component in the cements allows to improve technological properties of mortars. The results of technological properties of mortar mixtures, physical and mechanical properties of building mortar based on special cement are presented. It was established that the improved operational properties of the masonry are provided by the use of modified by air-entraining admixture mortar based on cement MC 22,5 X. The interconnection of the microstructure and the strength of the cement matrix is established and the efficiency of use of complex modifiers for the mortar is shown. Physicochemical modification of mortars by complex air-entraining admixture allows to obtain highquality modified plasters with improved quality parameters.

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