Important Dates

May, 15, 2019 — you must place an order for taking part in conference and sent reviews of the papers1.
May, 20, 2019 — the confirmation of report’s consideration.
May, 25, 2019 — sending complete report’s text2.
June, 3, 2019 — final consideration of report.
June, 8, 2019 — maturity day of conference.
June, 15, 2019 — the program of conference will be sent to the participators.

1 Consideration of reports will be based on submitted reviews of the papers. Reviews of the papers must include all authors’ surnames, the denomination of organization, address of organization, the denomination of report. The amount of reviews of the papers must be 2 pages (format A4). Reviews of the papers can be sent through e-mail using the address of conference’s secretariat.

2 All complete report’s texts will be reviewed.