Giant magnetoresistance effect in InSe<β-CD<FeSO4>> clathrate

The InSe$\langle\beta$-CD$\langle$FeSO$_4\rangle\rangle$ clathrate with hierarchical architecture reveals a giant magnetoresistive effect and extraordinary (oscillating) behavior of the current-voltage characteristics in the magnetic field in the direction perpendicular to nanolayers.  A new technological approach  for the synthesis of multilayered nanostructure is proposed.  It allows attaining a fourfold degree of expansion of the initial InSe semiconductor matrix in which the cavitate of $\beta$-cyclodextrin ($\beta$-CD) and iron sulfate served as a guest content.  This makes it possible to develop a theoretical model to describe the interlayer magnetoconductivity in such extremely anisotropic 2D layered compounds.  Graphic dependencies of oscillating magnetoconductivity are analysed  for different values of quantizing magnetic field in a layered structure whose interlayer transfer integral can be controlled artificially.

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