In air split-conditioners, the degree of their energy perfection must be determined based on the analysis of their exergy efficiency. In this article the innovative mathematical model developed by the authors for exergetic analysis of the work of air split-conditioners.

For example, exergetic analysis was performed on this model for the air split-conditioner with the nominal cooling capacity 2500 W of „Mitsubishi Electric” firm under standard external temperature conditions and received the output-input exergetic ratio (OIER) and exergetic losses in the air split-conditioner individual elements on the refrigerants R410A, R32 and refrigerant R290 (propane). It is shown that the the exergetic efficiency of the air split-conditioner increased by 9.3% and 5.1%, when using the R290 refrigerant compared to R410A and R32, respectively.

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