Conference Venue

Educational and Recreational Camp “Politekhnіk-4”

The conference will take place from September 27th to 30th, 2023, at the premises of the educational and recreational camp Politekhnіk 4 in the village of Zozuli, located 80 km from Lviv and 5 km from Zolochiv.

“Politekhnіk-4” is situated in a picturesque corner of Lviv region, surrounded by pine forests. Beautiful nature, clean air, vast forest areas, and unique plant species contribute to a
comfortable stay in cozy rooms. In the camp and its vicinity, various activities can be enjoyed, including hiking, while admiring the surrounding mountains.

“Politekhnіk-4” offers double and triple rooms, as well as suites and luxury accommodations. Each building has facilities for cooking and dining.

Address: Peremohy Street 1, Zozuli village, Zolochiv district, Lviv region.

Travel arrangement

There are several interesting places worth visiting. Particularly noteworthy are the castles, as Zolochiv region has a rich historical heritage. Here are a few recommendations:

Zolochiv Castle (5 km from the camp) is one of the most well known tourist attractions in Zolochiv. The castle was founded in the 17th century and features fortification architecture. Visitors can explore its walls, towers, and interior spaces, which recreate a historical atmosphere.

Olesko Castle (30 km from the camp) is renowned for its unique architecture that combines elements of fortification with Renaissance and Baroque styles.

Pidhirtsi Castle (16 km away) is located near Zolochiv. It was constructed in the 16th century and represents a vast fortress with towers and defensive structures.

You can find more information in English at the following link: