Analytical support for cost changes on consumer goods on manufacturing of Ukraine in conditions of globalization


Strizhyk U.R.

The statelight industry Ukraine, structure of operating expenses by economic elements
of light industry anda number of problematic factors affecting it.The comparison of the
financial and economic activity of enterprises in pre-and post-crisis period. The change of
profitability (loss) light industry, the dependence of the rate of change of the level ofcosts per
unitof finished (sold) products. Alsomade comparison of macroeconomic indicators (index
value, producer prices and volumes of light industry).The complexapproach tothe impact ofthe
macroeconomic situation inUkraineon the formation ofproduction costs.
Althoughthe light industry of Ukraine isinpoor condition, it is a socially important and
Exportable industryhas every opportunity for furtherrestorationandrevival. Determined that
theproducts of domestic producersindustry ishigh-quality and expensive, focused on Western
European and American markets. This leadsto the use of tollingschemes thatcurrently the
main source of working capital funds foreconomic entities, upgrading equipment, improving
skills developmentsector and increase employment. The inability of people to buy these
products leads to it sorientation buy much cheaperlow quality products from China. Analysis
of the cost structure, the cost per unit off inished product, and operating profitability showed
that purchasedomestic manufacturers of expensive imported raw materials, high deterioration
manufacturing assets, high rateof rent forland for industrialuse, increasing energy costs, lack
of incentives for workersbecause of the relativelylow wagesleadsto the formation ofrelatively
highcost of productionof light industry.