applied quasipotential tomography

On a method of image reconstruction of anisotropic media using applied quasipotential tomographic data

An algorithm for solving the coefficient problems of parameter identification of anisotropic media using applied quasipotential tomographic data is modified for the case of presence of more specific a priori information about the eigendirections of the corresponding conductivity tensor.  Its application is quite common in practice, in particular, in medicine, where the object of such study may be the medium with fibrous or layered areas (which includes muscles, bones, etc.), inside which there are streams of non-spherical particles (e.g.

On a numerical quasiconformal mapping method for the medium parameters identification using applied quasipotential tomography

The problem of parameters identification of the bursts of the medium conductivity coefficient according to the tomography of the applied quasipotentials is considered. The method of image reconstruction is suggested, according to which the problem of analysis is reduced to the application of numerical methods of quasiconformal mappings, and the problem of synthesis is reduced to the solving the problem of parametric identification. The results of numerical experiments are presented and their analysis is carried out.