process optimization

Software Service for Optimization of the Work Processes in Law Firms

The paper presents the stages of creating a software service for optimizing law firms' work processes and examines its operation's effectiveness. The relevance of development is due to the need to increase the efficiency of work done in conservative spheres such as the law segment.

The authors focus on considering the essential components of the designed system. The main operation algorithms have been presented, and the effectiveness of their development has been proved. A comparison has been made, and the prospects for developing optimization services have been emphasized.

Аналіз чутливості витратних показників технологічних процесів до параметрів технологічних операцій

Представлено залежності сумарних витрат на вироб­ництво та експлуатацію виробів від характеристик техно­ло­гічного процесу, отримані з використанням програмно-методичного комплексу ОПТАН.