Analysis and improvement of design diagrams and mathematical models of vibratory lapping machines

Problem statement. The development of energy-efficient and high-performance vibratory lapping machines demands the improvement of their design diagrams and calculation techniques. Purpose. The main objectives of this research consist in detailed analysis of existent design diagrams and mathematical models of vibratory lapping machines; designing the three-mass hanger-type structures of such machines providing circular oscillations of laps; derivation of differential equations describing the motion of their oscillatory systems.

Substantiation of inertial, stiffness and excitation parameters of vibratory lapping machine with linear oscillations of laps

Problem statement. Designing and manufacturing of efficient resonant vibratory lapping machines with linear oscillations of laps demand an accurate and detailed calculation of parameters of their elastic systems and electromagnetic drives. Purpose. The main objective of this research consists in derivation of analytical dependencies for calculating the stiffness and excitation parameters of mechanical oscillatory system of vibratory finishing machine in order to ensure its resonance operation mode.

Substantiation of Parameters and Analysis of Operational Characteristics of Oscillating Systems of Vibratory Finishing Machines

The calculation diagrams of oscillating systems and operation features of vibratory finishing machines are considered. The mathematical models of three-mass and four-mass oscillating systems are presented. The amplitude values of the oscillating masses displacements are derived. The functions of inertial and stiffness parameters optimization are formed. The optimization problems are solved with a help of MathCAD software.