Variability of the symmetry exis of the magnetospheric ring current

: 284-286
Research and Development Department, Delta SPE LLC
Geophysical Institute. Slovak Academy of Sciences
Subbotin Institute of geophysics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Carpathian branch of Subbotin Institute of geophysics of NAS of Ukraine; Lviv Polytechnic National University (SD ICSIT)

It is known that magnetic poles of the Earth is accelerated and is now being ≈ 50 km/year (Olsen & Mandea, 2007) while the geomagnetic pole (the dipole part), which is computed (fictitious) value, has much less velocity. It is believed that the magnetospheric outer ring currents are held by the dipole part of the Earth’s magnetic field. The low frequency magnetic variations of that source allow determine the current position of the source axis and its corresponding pole which as shown experimentally precesses around the geomagnetic pole.

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