ball mill

Development of mathematical model of ball mill on the basis of the obtained experimental data

Aim. Experimental study of main technological parameters of a ball mill during coal milling at a thermal power plant and development of a mathematical model for the mill on the basis of the obtained data. Method. Based on the analysis of the energy flows in the ball mill the relation between the vibration energy of the mill body and the amount of the material in the mill is defined. Experimental study, i.e.

An Modelling of the Electric Drive Acceleration of Ball Mills

The work of the control system of ball mill electric drive during the start-up process is analyzed using computer simulation. The developed computer model uses the variable nonlinear model of the mechanical load and the variable moment of inertia. The results of the conducted researches can be used at development of new systems of electric drives.

Investigation of Mill Balls Metal Deterioration in Mills KBM 370/850 (Sh-50А) when Fuel not Envisaged in the Mill Design is Used at Thermal Power Plants

Method for determining mill balls metal deterioration rate in a ball mill KBM 370/850 (Sh-50А) of dust-system of coal-dust boilers TPP-210А and TPP-312 300МW of thermal power plants is described in the paper. The research is aimed at the development of the determination method of the mill balls deterioration rate in a ball mill, which would allow predicting the regulated refill of the ball mill by the mill balls.